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Step 1 - PLAN

Step one is all about getting organised and finalising your design.

Talk to one of our expert Garden Guides to get the best advice to make your garden beautiful.

What style of garden do you want? Cottage, Native, Formal? What plants will go where? Are they appropriate for the space and position? Is it sunny or shady? Is it wet or dry? Do you have irrigation? What type of soil do you have? How big will the plants get and what's around them that could affect their growth or the functionality of the area?

Our Garden Guides can HELP!


Once you have your plant plan and your hard landscaping is done or staying the same, then it's time to purchase your plants.

And here's some of what you may need;

Plants, gardening tools, gloves, soil and potting mix, mulch, fertilisers, pest sprays, hose & fittings, watering can, pots, furniture, fountain, arches and garden ornaments.

We'll make a list for you and chat to one our Garden Guides for help!

Step 3 - PLANT

With your plan in place and supplies ready, it's time to create your beautiful garden.

This step will guide you through the planting process and provide essential tips for ongoing garden maintenance.

Here's a few ideas on getting it right; soil preparation, planting techniques, removing the plants from the pots, massaging the roots, plant placement, spacing, stake support and ties.

Once your planting has finished the real work begins to care and maintain your plants with fertlisers, mulch, pest sprays and of course plenty of water.

Our Garden Guides will help you get it right!

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