I am keen to know what climate I am in as far as am I temperate or cool? I live at Razorback.

Answer (Including an overview of the Highlands and Sydney surrounds)

This is a great question as everyone in the Highlands and the surrounds seem to be at different altitudes which naturally affects whether you're in a cooler climate.

As a rule of thumb, the temperature drops around 1 degree for each 100m of altitude which is why Mittagong at 635 metres above sea level is often 6-7 degrees cooler than Sydney, which sits at a reported 3 metres above sea level. This does vary wildly.

Mittagong is considered a cooler climate with lower temperatures and lower humidity. As such plants like Hibiscus, Frangipani, Bougainvilliea and most Lilly Pilly Syzygium varieties (we recommend Acmena varieties in the Highlands). Roses, Camellias, Rhododendrons, fruit trees and driveway trees love the Highlands.

Razorback is around 303m above sea level and therefore considered a little cooler but most likely sharing a fairly temperate environment with Sydney.

Here's some elevations around the Highlands and beyond to give you an idea of how diverse our climates can be in a relatively small area; Bowral 690m, Moss Vale 678m, Robertson 731m, Mt Gibralter 863m, Wollongong 5m, Picton 165m, Tahmoor 275m, Bargo 338m, Hill Top and Colo Vale 630m and further afield; Blackheath in the Blue Mountains 1066m and Oberon 1113m. For comparison Mt Kosciuszko, Australia's tallest hill is 2228m.

Here's a hot tip; if you own an iPhone, go to your home screen, touch and slide two fingers down the screen. A search screen will appear. Type 'Compass". The compass screen will appear and it will show you your exact coordinates and importantly, your altitude.

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