How to create a Colourful Winter Garden

Creating Colour in your Southern Highlands Winter Garden
How to create a Colourful Winter Garden
red rose flowers

If you’re looking for shrubs to give your garden some colour as the days become cooler, why not look into planting Camellias. With their beautiful dark green foliage and vibrant blossoms, Camellias bring a cheerful vibrancy to the garden all year round.

Camellias come in several varieties, from semi-double to full-double blooms and are very frost tolerant. Right now is the time to plant for bright winter displays of white, pink, red or yellow flowers!

We have lots of new Camellias in stock at the nursery now. Camellia sasanqua Early Pearly is a favourite because it looks like a japonica with dark green foliage but has the tolerance of sasanqua so it can be planted in sunnier gardens. If you prefer pink then you can’t go past our Camelia Sasanqua Candyball for its formal double pink blooms.

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As the seasons change, ornamental trees like Japanese Maples, Dogwoods and Crepe Myrtles will provide beautiful canopies full of gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows just in time for winter.

Come visit us at the Mittagong Garden Centre and pick up your winter colour today.

  • Japanese Maple 20cm: $24.95
  • Dogwood 25cm: $129.95
  • Camellia Sasanqua Early Pearly 15cm: $19.95. 20cm: $39.95
  • Camellia Sasanqua Candy Ball 15cm: $22.95. 20cm: $39.95. 25cm: $89.95
  • Crepe Myrtles 20cm: $29.95 25cm: $69.96. 30cm: $129.95

*While supplies last.

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