27 Brilliant Colour Ideas This Winter

27 ways to add colour to your winter garden.🌷❄️
27 Brilliant Colour Ideas This Winter
Photographer: Lora P | Source: Unsplash

We’ve got 27 brilliant colour ideas to add to your garden this Winter!

Winter can be a beautiful time in the garden. With a few key decorative plants and accents in the garden, you can transform your space into a mesmerizing winter wonderland.

Create an oasis of vibrant colour with a backdrop of evergreen conifers and holly – classic staples for cooler climates. Green backgrounds or silver hedges can really make your bright colour choices pop out from the garden.

Pansies and cyclamen flowers are always popular choices to brighten up your outdoor space and they will provide cheer even in the coldest days of winter.

Yellow Daffodils will produce a wave of happiness, making the coldest of gardeners smile.

Orange and red flowers bring a warm glow to the garden so include some scarlet coloured Tulips and perennial Salvia to turn up the heat.

Try some contrasting colour schemes of yellow and blue (e.g. lemon coloured Viola or Pansies) or orange and Alliums to put some drama in the garden.

Cool colour combinations provide soothing and calm during an early morning garden walk. Cineraria put on a striking display of pink, blue, purple, magenta and white and are ideal for shady spots.

Use ornamental grasses to create texture and movement. Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum sp.) can look like dancing dolls in the flower garden as the wind picks up their seed heads.

Turn up the senses and combine Lavender and Sweet Peas for a hypnotic and colourful display this winter. Plant these with some Primula and you’ll be able to pick a sweet scented posy for a vase inside throughout winter.

Many old fashion favourites are also in flower during winter; choose Hellebore (Winter Rose) to plant beneath your deciduous trees, Poppies and Polyanthus to fill sunny gaps in the classic country cottage garden. Rhododendrons put on a very showy display every year for very little effort also.

Hellebore Slate

If you prefer a native garden then Banksia and Leptospernum (Tea tree) will all flower beautifully throughout the cooler season.

Finally, don’t forget about annual plants like hardy azalea and camelia japonica which will bring a pop of colour for months on end.

yellow flower
Photographer: Luke Richardson | Source: Unsplash

So this winter, take some time to brighten up your garden, we’re here to help you become the envy of all your neighbours!

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