We have a great range of pots of all sizes, colours and varieties. We will be adding them to this section very soon.


Fibrestone is a fabulous product using fibreglass to reinforce concrete creating a strong, yet reasonably light, pot. It is sealed on the inside and finished painted layer on the outside in 3 colours; rust, charcoal and stone.

Pots GRC

Warmth, texture and a great look

New Goldrush Glazed Pots

These beautiful new pots are produced in the traditional way in Vietnam. Double fired to produce a solid and hard wearing pot that looks good in any situation.

Pots Glazed

Ocean Spray finish pots

These gorgeous atlantis pots have a finish called Ocean Spray. They look like they could have been lying on a beach for decades or inside a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. Every pot is slightly different, so you will have something unique for your garden, patio or terrace.

Egg Pot small 31cm x 29cm - $39.95

Pots Glazed